My Services


At Jadrian Electrical Services Ltd. I am happy to offer any electrical service that you might need. Feel free to call with any electrical questions you might have!



Here's some electrical services I offer:


  • Repair or replace faulty devices

  • Upgrading electrical meter
  • 60 amp to 100 amp upgrades
  • Replacing electric cables

  • Repairing outlets plugs and switches

  • Installing new lighting sockets

  • ​Kitchen and Basement renovations

  • ​Machine and Equipment repairs

  • LED lighting upgrades and retrofits

  • Solar panel and array installations

  • Facility maintenance

  • Emergency call out services

  • Emergency troubleshooting and repairs

  • Custom electrical suited to your needs

  • Commercial work up to 750 Volts

  • Residential construction

  • Garage panels and installations

  • Welding equipment repairs

  • Power factor corrections and testing